Monday, May 3, 2010

Rainy day and a landmark: homemade pasta and homemade pesto

It was pouring this morning and Little Bro was a bit under the weather with gastro, so with community spirit in mind I didn't want to take the boys to any of our usual indoor haunts. Cooking seemed a good way to keep Big Bro entertained, so (conveniently ignoring our pasta stockpile) I thought we'd give homemade pasta a go. It was super-easy: 2 eggs and 200g "continental" flour (I'm not sure if this is strictly 00 flour but it says it's for pasta and noodles), mixed and kneaded in the Kitchenaid with a sprinkle of water until it made a ball of smooth dough. After a 30 minute rest (the pasta, not us!), it was time to dust off three years' worth of dust from my pasta roller and roll. Back in my childfree days I used to think pasta rolling was ideally a two person activity: one to turn the handle and one to manage the pasta, which needs to be fed in straight, and laid out straight as it gets longer. And with Big Bro powering the roller, it was fairly easy to keep the pasta straight, even with Little Bro on my hip.

Then came my favourite bit, the cutting!

A quick dip in boiling water, then stirred with some of the homemade pesto I froze a couple of months back, and we had our first completely homemade lunch! And it felt good.

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Brooke said...

What you used to think about pasta is ok, if one turns the handle, the other one can take care of the rest, so it was a good idea. I learnt a lot of tricks when I travelled to Argentina. We rented one of those buenos aires apartments and we used to make pasta everyday together with my husband, it was some experience we had there!

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