Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Wiggly Circus hits St Kilda!

Back in my unemcumbered child-free days, I (unfortunately, in retrospect) didn't go to a lot of concerts- Jewell in the Yarra Valley and U2 in Denver (unforgettable!) are the only two that I can remember off the top of my head. For the past year I've been keen to take Big Bro to something, though fate had thwarted me: two Play School concerts sold out before I heard about them, and after missing two pre-sales I managed to secure Wiggles tickets for last December, which ended up being when we were in Sweden. So when I heard about the latest Wiggles concert, I was keen to try again. Yet again I had no success at the pre-sale (hint: it's hard to work out that to get access to the My Ticketmaster Wiggles presale you need to nominate "children's events" as an interest). Finally, in between two meetings at work I was able to log on and get some tickets. So come hell or high water, I was going to use them! And it was with a sigh of relief that I applauded the opening number, pleased that I had FINALLY made it to a pre-school concert!!

The concert theme was (obviously) the circus, with a bit of ballet thrown in, and plenty of the favourites: Fruit Salad, Hot Potato, and Twinkle Twinkle with stars provided by a disco ball and mobile phones in the audience, which Big Bro said was one of his favourite things (of course he held the phone!) His very favourite thing was apparently when they unstacked two crash mats... I would never have guessed! And his main observations during the concert was the lighting: look, purple lights! Look, the ceiling is blue! That being said, the thrill on his face when the each Wiggle walked on the stage was great to see.

Little Bro (18 months) also enjoyed the concert much more than I expected. He responded to a lot of the theatrical waving, and especially liked the non-human Wiggles (Dorothy, Wags and Henry). He even bopped around a few times, unlike Big Bro who is resolutely NOT a dancer. The eighty minute show went really well, and we even made it through the foyer without shelling out for any of the abundant merchandise!

The concert was at the Palais Theatre in St Kilda, right next to Luna Park and around the corner from Ackland Street. The last time I had been on Ackland Street was the day Big Bro was due (but didn't come) so I- and the boys- enjoyed the indulgence of a pre-show cake at Monarch and a Grill'd burger after. Add in two seamless tram trips and clear, sunny weather and it was a wonderful- and thrilling- morning out.

On the way home Big Bro asked, "can we see the Wiggles again?" Definitely!


ilipilli said...

What a success! Do you remember my saga with Thomas meets the circus last December?! LOL!

_vTg_ said...

I actually remembered your pre-concert checklist- snacks, pullups, bribe item, phone number on children's arms! But I don't remember the outcome- a success or not...? This wasn't too chaotic, size-wise, which was a relief!

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