Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fathers' Day craft

It's Australian Fathers' Day today. Conveniently antipodeanized from the Northern hemisphere version to occur at the start of spring- because of course garden gifts are for fathers? Or maybe it's just a quiet time if year on the antipodean Hallmark calendar?

Either way, I'm happy for it to be a low-key "we love you Dada" (and grandfathers) day. Big Bro had conveniently drawn this pic of our family a couple of weeks ago, so I scanned it and had it printed on a mouse mat. (Dada is red, Big Bro is purple, Little Bro is blue (and upside down??) and Mama ?lying?? on the floor in green?!! At least I got eyes!)

For cards I decided to go with very unoriginal handprints: Big Bro informed me he'd done the same at kindy! No probs- I'm happy to have as many mementos of my little boys as I can!

In actual fact, this was his cute kindy-made present, with a sucker to hang it from a window:

For wrapping paper we complemented the handprints with some footprints. On Friday afternoon, spring meteorological optimism had given way to cooler winds and rain, so I
covered the kitchen floor in newspaper, parked Little Bro at what I thought was a safe distance (until he sonehow shuffled over to the paint!), instructed Big Bro that this was a job for good listeners and big helpers (magic words!), and painted his feet blue.

The paper we used was saved from a floral arrangement (great source of
many colours and textures of paper).

We love you, Dada!


((T)) said...

Just gorgeous! Wow, big bro can draw! I'm impressed! H does not draw purposefully yet.

P said...

Beautiful. We had an interesting assortment of gifts coming home from daycare all week... none quite as creative as yours though! Love it!

_vTg_ said...

Thanks P&T!
T- Big Bro has just started "people" (and Henry the Octopus when he adds too many legs) so the family pic was a nice surprise for Dada. For a while he has also followed the million monkeys school of art- scribble randomly and then find the picture!
P- the kindy gift was a surprise to me: they had collected the dads' favourite songs from us (well, me at least) so I was sure they would be burning and decorating CDs!! I like this better as a memento.

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