Sunday, September 6, 2009

Towards self sufficiency... one day...

We're a long way from covering even Little Bro's fruit and vegetable needs with home-grown produce (unless he could live on tabbouleh made with our abundant parsley harvest...) but I do get a buzz from knowing we're having a few fruits of our garden labours now and then.

Like today: dinner included stirfried baby silverbeet, sugar snap peas and spring onions pulled from the ground 20 metres away, a few hours earlier.

A meagre harvest, but a harvest all the same. There were a few more snap peas harvested that were sampled straight off the vine by Big Bro. Unfortunately his current green-phobia (*sigh*) is strong enough to deter him from eating the pods; he just picks out the peas. Unfortunate for him, but fortunate for B and I as we enjoyed Big Bro's crisp rejects.

Having written that, I realised that we are in fact self-sufficient in sugar snap peas, only because I refuse to buy the inferior shop offerings that lack the sugar and snap of my crop.

And isn't that what home-grown produce is all about?


P said...

We have three golden-podded peas that will be ready to pick in a few days! I am so excited. And silverbeet is another thing I can't get enough of - it goes in so many things but reduces to so little I end up using my whole crop in one go. Must plant more.

_vTg_ said...

Are yours the peas with purple flowers? They are on my next Digger's to-order list! These peas are from 10 year old seeds!! Not sure of the germination efficiency, but the ones that grew have nothing wrong!

I agree about silverbeet's versatility (home grown: am not a fan of the tough stuff you can buy!). I have been picking individual leaves, and in the warming weather it springs back pretty quickly. But yes, one or two leaves from each plant condenses into Not Very Much.

And I should add that Big Bro got over his green phobia for long enough to eat some of the stir fried greens. Woohoo!

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