Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New plot on the block

I'm always wanting more space to plant vegies. Our garden has brick-and-mortar edging and paved areas put in by the previous owners, so it's hard to adjust the size of the garden beds. And despite all the talk in the blogosphere about the "green cancer" of lawns in gardens, B and I like to have a grassy patch at home for the boys to run around on. So I was quite pleased to finally turn my thoughts into action and put some large pots in an unused corner 10 days ago.

They're on a rarely-used rear driveway behind the garage, so it is not an area we would permanently convert to garden, but it's a good addition to the regular beds. The fence faces North, but is shaded in the afternoon by the garage, which I hope will reduce overheating in summer.

Big Bro was thrilled to have the chance to do some "seeding" and watering, and has proudly shown off "his" plot to visitors. We planted some strawberries and lettuce seedlings around the corners, radish and carrot seeds in the middle (I'm hoping that the muncher won't find them) and climbing beans at the back; I'll put some lattice up on the fence for the climbers. On the far right is my out-of-season feral tomato that was evicted from the mini-greenhouse to make room for seedlings.

And who says you can't have fun planting radishes?

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