Thursday, September 10, 2009

News from the laundry

How domesticated am I, posting about the laundry? The title is just a way of linking two posts
that were both conceived in the laundry:

1. The pleasant surprises of toddlerhood

After changing the bedsheets today I had the pleasant surprise to find that without any direction from me, Big Bro had quietly collected them all and put them in the washing machine, all of his own volition!! Too bad the machine has a child lock function or he may well have run the wash cycle for me...

(please may this domestic enthusiasm not be a phase!)

2. More domestic baby sitting

Who needs a tv when you can park a kid in front of the front loader washing machine to get a few minutes to yourself... to sort the laundry? Little Bro loves watching the clothes going around!

Oh, and it's not the first time I've done it...

Little Bro, aged 2 months

Big Bro, aged 2 months
(maybe it's no surprise he's a laundry whiz??)

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