Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Puff the Vegie Lion

I am always pleased when Big Bro enjoys something I did as a kid. It is almost an affirmation of my memories: yes, it is that good.

So I am very pleased about his interest in Puff the Magic Dragon, or Puff the Vegie Lion as he insists on calling it. Ignore all the speculation about underlying meanings and whatnot: it's a great song!! (Is it just me, or do other parents find a few tears welling up at the verse "Dragons live forever, but not so little boys..."?)

We've been listening to the Patsy Biscoe version which has a bit of pace and drama, so I was curious to see how Big Bro would go with this Peter, Paul and Mary version on YouTube:

It's certainly not the Wiggles, and the audience are...umm... not a Wiggles audience, yet Big Bro sat through the whole thing and requested a replay. Interestingly, I was expecting some comment about the lack of colour, but that didn't seem to be an issue. I think Big Bro just likes the song for what it is!

And the best bit is that whilst for most songs I am instructed "Mama, don't sing", for Puff's chorus I am asked "Mama, please sing!"

And yes, this could have waited till Friday to be a true Friday flashback, but Big Bro's shouted rendition over dinnertime was the impetus to get my thoughts out now!

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