Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fringe vegie gardening

Vegie gardening is definitely in these days. A freshly renovated house near us sold a few weeks ago, and I was impressed that the owners had bothered to put in a vegie patch in their made-to-sell garden, and that furthermore the agents considered it to be such an asset that it was mentioned in the display board out front. But when more than one person discussing this place's sale mentioned the "huge, fantastic vegie patch", it became evident that the seller and the agent knew what they were doing.

Away from renovated houses, you never know where you'll come across a vegie patch these days. Last weekend we visited the Oasis Bakery (which sells many nice things but not couscousierres, by the bye) and there in front of our car in an otherwise bog-standard carpark, was this...

Broad beans, rainbow chard, last year's capsicum, a brassica- I would love to know who planted this and how long it has gone on for!

Meanwhile, while some people put vegetables in unlikely spots, sometimes the vegetables put themselves there. This is a self-seeded lettuce that has lodged itself about a metre up a local fence post.
Don't let anyone tell me they don't have the space or the ability to grow their own vegetables!

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ilipilli said...

Our local cafe has a whole block with nothing in it but grass. The inner-city kids just love it but one day I must ask them when they are putting their garden in.

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