Friday, September 4, 2009

Toothy matters

This is a post about teeth. Baby teeth. And the troubles they cause by coming through the gums. But before going further, let me quote a contentious passage from Robin Barker's Baby Love, of which I am a big fan:
Teething causes nothing but teeth.

Barker, a maternal and child health nurse, is of the opinion that fevers, chills, diarrhoea, constipation, crabbiness, happiness and problems sleeping (and the rest) are unrelated to the appearance of teeth. And I have to say that for Big Bro, this appeared to be the case. I know
many parents have differing opinions (which you're welcome to share), so given that to date I've only witnessed the eruption of 28 teeth in my two boys, I won't comment on teething more generally or further.

This post is, however, about the troubles caused by the appearance of Little Bro's eight teeth. It was nearly titled "And the Bad Mother Award goes to..." because I let Little Bro "share" a soccer ball for a few minutes while Big Bro and I were having a quick kick just before nap time.

This foam soccer ball....

Yes, there's a piece missing. This piece...

And here's whose toothy mouth I found it in, just before nap time.

Needless to say I am thanking my lucky stars that it went no further, and shelving the ball (and its foam friends) in the "for later" box.


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_vTg_ said...

I don't think Blogger lets me edit comments, so I'll republish this slightly edited (name removed) comment from D: (and it's my first comment!)

LOL! Love it. I am so in awe of the effort you're going to
with pictorial depictions of posted events!! Very inspiring. (I keep
saying that but haven't gotten off my rear end to do anything about my
blog yet. Still, I figure reading your gorgeous blog daily is certainly
stirring up the juices!) Keep it coming. :)

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