Thursday, September 3, 2009


Let me start by asking anyone who is squeamish to stop reading this post right now. That's right, go click on the "garden" label and enjoy my spring blooms. Thanks. And if you're eating custard while you read, maybe come back in half an hour.

So for the rest of you still with me, this post relates to the mucoid secretions of nasal origin. (It's not too late to stop reading!) Yes, I'm talking about snot. But not too much; let's just say that recently both boys have had "juicy noses", to use my late granny's discrete euphemism. Which means our family has been going through plenty of tissues. I hadn't realised that the ability to evacuate your own nasal passages (yes, blow your nose) was such an important stage in development until I compared the management of a juicy nose in a nearly-three-year-old and a nearly-one-year-old.

At night, while Little Bro snuffles away, Big Bro sleeps clutching a tissue. Sorry, I should rephrase that: Big Bro sleeps clutching The Tissue. Should The Tissue be dislodged in the wee hours, a polite request, "please have another tissue?" is made. In fact, The Tissue has evidently become such an important part of the bedtime routine that today after I said goodnight to Big Bro and his stuffed animal bedmates, I was instructed bid goodnight to The Tissue!

The irony of all this is that whilst The Tissue is so important overnight, during the day, despite my protestations, Big Bro's preferred nose-wiping receptacle is..... his sleeve.


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