Thursday, September 3, 2009

Spring is in the air

So we're into spring, and as we walked around the neighbourhood this morning we could feel it. People out in their gardens, the hum of lawn mowers. Playgroup conversation drifted to people's spring vegie planting plans. Our local shopping strip's regular lady-who-asks-for-spare-change (what should I call her? Isn't "beggar" a bit outdated?) was even taking some time off from her duties, sunning her bare feet on a bench.

Even Big Bro got on the theme, asking me to read Maisy at the Beach "because it's a sunny day". (As the cover indicates, it was originally a sticker book, but still a good read once the stickers are in place).

Here are a few more flowers from the garden:

Yellow Tulip has joined the rapidly aging White Tulip

And the freesias are looking good...

...and hopefully have aspirations of one day looking as great as these two local gardens' mass plantings (excuse the overexposed pics- the phone camera doesn't cope well with bright sunshine)

The other side of spring is the unpredictable weather: today in the space of an hour, a sparkling sunny day was taken over by a LOUD thunderstorm. Can thunder differ in intensity? Or is it just related to the hearer's proximity? Today's was loud enough to rattle the windows and set off car alarms, and make me look outside to check that it really was just thunder.

Of course, if it's spring now, then summer's on its way. Which means I have been putting in extra time installing the drip irrigation system. Fortunately I have a willing helper...

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