Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Spring update

The warmer, wet weather has given the ornamental garden a boost- suddenly I've deadheaded most of the daffodils, and the tulips are taking the stage.
I was excited to find some iris buds while taking this photo- my love of irises is worth a post of its own when they're out...

The roses have jumped up, too, and suddenly have buds! But happy roses mean happy aphids... *sigh*. A friend suggested planting garlic between the roses to deter the aphids (rather like a garlic clove in your socks prevents colds? Or at least keeps the vampires away. Maybe the latter analogy is more appropriate for aphids?)

As predicted, Big Bro was eager to start planting our Digger's order. Four zucchinis and two mini-melons in DIY jiffy pots, and a pot of basil entered the mini greenhouse. This was enough for Big Bro and my concentration and energy levels (and Little Bro's hunger levels!), but is nothing compared to Scarecrow's recent efforts! I'm under no pretenses that we are anything but the most amateurish amateurs!

Meanwhile, the nights are still cold enough to paralyse an AWOL bee- she was stuck in a shadow at 10am, still alive but not going anywhere. I have a soft spot for bees (perhaps because I've never been stung?) so I hope that once the sun hit her she was able to find her way home.

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