Tuesday, September 8, 2009


A crummy day was much improved by this little box in the letter box.



ZUCCHINI TRI COLOURED MIX (Black Beauty, yellow, and pale green)
ZUCCHINI TROMBONCINO (climber, according to P at ilipilli, "it rocks!")
CUCUMBER, MINI WHITE (chosen as an early variety)
SWEET CORN DWARF F1 (chosen as an early variety)
ROCKMELON MINNESOTA MIDGET (another early variety, and compact- for one reason or another, I have never grown a melon past the flower stage! Maybe this will be the year...)
BASIL ORNAMENTAL (a mix of four types)
WILDFLOWER MEADOW MIX (do you think ilipilli's header had anything to do with the last two choices?!)

Big Bro will be super-excited- after last week's efforts, he has been nagging me to sow more seeds!


P said...

How flattering to be quoted so often! Enjoy :)

_vTg_ said...

P, you are my Digger's guru! Wouldn't have got the tromboncino or the flowers if it weren't for you :-)

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