Monday, September 21, 2009

Woo hoo 2!

Every successful seed germination gives me a small thrill, especially at this early stage of the season when I am impatient and anxious about whether I have used the right medium, watered too much or too little, used seeds that are too old, planted too deep.....

So here are two tomatoes:
And two melons and a zucchini:

Of course they have a long way to go before I can declare success or failure, but it's good to get out of the starting block!

Meanwhile, at the other end of the continuum, we are getting oh-so-close to our first broadbean harvest. The recent warm wet weather has pushed the pods from being Little Bro-finger size through to bigger-than-Dada-finger size in only a week. Big Bro has been nagging me to pick the pods, so I have promised we will when we can count 20 that are of an acceptable size. Any day now, I hope...

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